2nd March 2017

P. having got her work in on time, we decided to escape today and drive up to the coast.

We never had any breakfast before we left so stopped in the ancient village of Great Walsingham. This is a fascinating village with a catholic shrine which has received pilgrims over many years, however we also knew that there was a good pub there where we could get a decent meal. Having had lunch we continued to the coast, driving through the villages on the way to Cromer. Continue reading 2nd March 2017

28th February 2017

Another boring day at home. The weather is wet and miserable, much like yesterday. 

To relieve our boredom we went out for a walk around the village and despite the poor weather we saw the first of the daffodils at the side of the road had started to bloom. 

This evening was supposed to be Fincham ringing practice, but only four of us turned up, so we abandoned and went to the pub. 

27th February 2017

A terrible day for weather. After storm Doris last week this is storm Ewan. 

As a result there was little that I could do outside so I went into Downham market to go to the bank and do a little bit of shopping. We need some basics like bread and meat for making sandwiches. I took the advantage whilst I was there to get my hair cut. I don’t have a lot of hair left but what there is, is getting untidy. 

26th February 2017

It is Sunday but there are no services at any churches in the district with bells so for once I can lay in for a while.

When we get we decided that today we will go out for Sunday lunch, so I go online to try and find a pub with a carvery. I found a couple of likely pubs as phoned them up to book a table but both were already full. We finally decided on a place called Timbers which isn’t a pub but a restaurant with rooms. Conveniently it is only about one mile away.

After lunch we had a lazy day, just doing daily tasks like feeding and clearing out the chickens.

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