15th March 2017

Another lovely spring day. P’s son O. came round to prune the trees in our front garden. They are getting too tall and close to the overhead wires. We have also decided to remove the tree closest to the house as it is too close and likely to do damage.

As O’s girlfriend was at work he brought his little daughter, P’s granddaughter for her to look after while he worked. I was busy removing the branches as he cut them off. I’m keeping the larger branches to cut up for the fire next year. Continue reading 15th March 2017

13th March 2017

A lovely spring day, so I spent the whole of today in the garden.

The main job was to clean out and refill the duck’s pond. It is a small pond, about the size of a normal bath in their fenced area. During the summer it has a pump and filter to keep it clean, but during the winter it has to be taken out to protect it from frost. I’ve decided that today is the day that it can go back in, so the first task is to empty the pond. I can get so far with a pump, but eventually I have to bale it out, first with a bucket and then with a shovel. As the ducks poo in the water, this is the filthiest job you an ever imagine. Continue reading 13th March 2017

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