14th June 2016

I’ve never written a diary, well except for those horrible things we had to write at primary school, as I’ve never really seen the point. Most days are fairly repetitive and who cares what you had for dinner in 1973. However the course book says that we need to write a diary for part 3, so as today is my birthday, it seems a good time to start. It will be interesting to see if I can keep it up for the whole year.

I am 64 years old today, which means that I have outlived my father. He died aged 63 when I was 18, a victim of being a lifetime smoker. It’s strange to think that he would have been 109 were he alive today. It sounds unlikely but his mother lived to 104, dying two weeks before her 105th birthday.SDIM9071crop

My son Jason came up to visit me today from his home in Essex where he shares a house with a friend. We decided to have an evening meal with Jason, my partner Patricia and myself visiting a local pub, the Hare Arms. The strange name comes from the Hare family, currently headed by Lady Rose Hare, who owns most of this part of Norfolk. Originally that included our house, but they sold it many years ago to the Battersby family, another local family many of whom still live in the area.

I won’t recount what we ate as that seems pointless, but it was a good meal and we returned home tired and replete. My son has to return home early tomorrow as he is intending to drive overnight from Land’s End to Lowestoft, the logic being to see the sunset in Cornwall and the sun rising at the eastern-most part of the country in Suffolk. Apparently there is just time to make the journey between the two events, but there’s only about 10 minutes to spare. I asked him whether he was going to take photographs, but apparently they are intending to record the whole thing on his friend’s GoPro. I will wait to see the video.

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