Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall is a photographer who creates scenarios to photograph. Many of these are studio sets and are based around previous paintings or works of literature.

One of his most famous images is A sudden gust of wind based on a painting by Japanese artist Hokusai; Yejiri Station.

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His interpretation in a photograph appears to be a single shot but is actually a complex collage of over 100 individual images.

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All Jeff Wall’s images are complex productions, often requiring a large crew to create the Image. His photographs are then transferred on to large scale transparencies and displayed in the gallery on light boxes, thereby giving a different vision to that of a passive print.

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His use of large format view cameras and shifting lenses to alter perspective is a particular feature of his photographic style. His photographs have also provided cover images for albums by Sonic Youth and Iggy Pop.


Picture credits:

  • Matt Booth (2009) Jeff Wall © Matt Booth from Jeff Wall Smaller Pictures la Fondation HCB
  • Hokusai (c. 1832) Yejiri Station, Province of Suruga © Brooklyn Museum c/o
  • Wall J. (1993) A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) © National Gallery of Victoria c/o https://emmahoganphotography
  • National Gallery of Victoria (2012) Installation view of Jeff Wall Photographs c/o


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