Reflections on Assignment 3 – Diary

Reflections on Assignment 3 – Diary

My partner says that I am too literal in my interpretation of my assignments. She may well be right as I have always had a scientific training rather than an arts based eduction. This made me wonder whether I was doing the right thing by simply photographing a minor event from my diary. This was compounded by the praise given to Blas Gonzales’ excellent video in the weekly bulletin. Should I do exactly what the assignment says or should I try to be more creative and stray away from the brief?

In the end I decided to stay with the work that I had done, but complement it with pages from my diary in which I refer to the subject.

In adding the diary entries I noticed quite a few typing errors in the text, often due to the fact that much of my diary was actually typed on my smart phone. I have decided to leave them in, rather than correcting them, as they were part of the process of creating the diary.

I’m not totally convinced about the quality of the images. As I say in the assignment, it is quite a difficult technique to achieve, plus there was little light in many of the situations where I was taking the photographs. This resulted in quite long exposures, especially as I needed small apertures for the necessary depth of field. On the other hand I quite liked the blurring as I was pouring out the corn and shaking the wood chips into the hen house. I didn’t want to use flash as that would give a false impression of the light that I would see while doing the work.

I did have one problem, which was filling the chickens’ water container. In the original photograph I used a hose, which is what I would do normally, but the result looked very strange with water apparently coming out of my hand and it was very difficult to make it obvious that it was a hose. I decided to photograph myself using a bucket instead, which again was not easy whilst trying to show it happening from my viewpoint.

I actually took the photographs over a period of three days, interrupted by rain and bad weather. I took down the tarpaulin over the chickens’ area in the process to give me more light. Some of the light reflected from the tarpaulin can just be seen in a couple of the images as a blue shadow.

I created the photobook as an afterthought, assisted by a special price resulting from my visit to the Photography Show in Birmingham. I thought that it would be a good way to display the diary, whilst producing better reproductions of my images than I could achieve myself. I am considering the option of using a photobook to display the images for my final assessment.

Would I use this Point of View technique again in the future? I quite like the results of the technique, but it is one that needs further experimentation and practice. If I do this again I will try and get better lighting conditions, perhaps using additional sources of light. Doing it once has given me a few ideas as to how it could be improved, but the use of external lighting in the current weather conditions would be hazardous.

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