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References to other photography that I am doing

Coin photography

As a favour for a friend who is an avid coin collector, I have been doing some coin photography. Using a macro lens and an off-camera flash, I’ve taken these coin pictures for him to sell coins on eBay.

The technique that seems to work best is to mount the coin on something long to get it away from the background. I used a Pritt Stick. Then surround the coin with a cylinder of white paper. Use a lamp or flash so that the paper diffuses the light, and reflects it around. Continue reading Coin photography


In the last few weeks, I have been also taking an advanced photography course at Norfolk Creative Arts. Each week we have been dealing with a different subject and the first week of this course was related to abstract photography. This involved the use of smoke, paint dropped into water, close-ups of glass vessels on a light box and an outside session taking photographs at the fairground. Continue reading Abstracts