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5th June 2017

Today I have another hospital visit. The hospital is in King’s Lynn, so I took the opportunity to do some shopping on the way. P. wanted some fabric to make a cuddly toy for her granddaughter, and I had to visit the bank to pay in some money for the parish magazine.

Whilst I was there I bought a picture frame to frame one of my photographs. Perhaps I can sell it at the next exhibition at Norfolk Creative Arts.

When I got to the hospital, I was seen fairly soon, and my dermatologist had three medical students in her room, to see my ‘condition’. I was told that I was quite a rarity as the dermatologist had told me to go back home and continue to use my ointment, and was more than a little surprised when my biopsy proved positive. She is still a bit sceptical and thinks that I might have had the operation for nothing but she has requested another biopsy, this time on my ear where I have another lesion. Having been thoroughly examined by everyone, I went home via another shop that I failed to get to before the appointment.


4th June 2017

Another lazy Sunday. I started the day ringing at Shouldham Church for their morning service. The time has changed, it used to be ringing at 9 o’clock for a 9.30 service, but since the changes in the church groupings, it is now 9.30 for 10. It’s a good job that we aren’t doing anything today as we often go out on Sundays in the summer, and that extra half and hour will make a difference. Continue reading 4th June 2017

28th May 2017

Another lazy Sunday. P. is not very well so she stayed in bed all day.

I spent much of my time reading. I have started Susan Sontag’s book On Photography. Some people have said that they find this a very difficult book, but I’m not finding it that hard. Perhaps that’s because I’ve previously read Barthe’s Camera Lucida and John Berger’s Another Way of Telling both of which I found much harder. Continue reading 28th May 2017