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23rd April 2017

A quiet Sunday, spent in the garden.

Today I did the first mow of our lawn –  wellI call it lawn but it’s just a couple of patches of grass. I always leave it until the grass is already growing well before I do the first cut, as otherwise I might kill off all the new shoots. I had to reseed some of the lawn last years as it didn’t start to grow whilst we were removing the hedges, which in turn meant that it wasn’t getting any sunlight. Some of it has grown well, but there are still some bald patches. Continue reading 23rd April 2017

16th April 2017

Easter Sunday. Today we had a fun day as we went with P’s son, his girlfriend and their two children to Holkham Hall.

There was plenty for the kids to do including a trailer ride to the walled garden which is about a mile from the hall itself. At the garden there was a treasure trail with clues to complete a crossword. When they had the answers they could exchange the finished crossword for chocolate.  Continue reading 16th April 2017